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What is the purpose of the Unique Talent Code report?

You know you have Talents. But you may have difficulty defining what that means. To us, Talent is the mix of inner strengths that make us unique. It’s not just about your skills and degrees but also what motivates you and manifests in your passions. Our Unique Talent Code (UTC) coding system gives you a better understanding of how you make your decisions if you read the Personalized Report you’ll receive by activating one of our paid subscriptions. The first test is about the Drivers: the different sources of energy you rely on and feel in your element. We all use the 4 Drivers, but not in the same way: we tend to have a “favorite” Driver, which we use mainly in everyday life and in moments of difficulty. On the chart on your profile page, you can read how much you tend to use each of them. The second UTC test will let you complete your profile by selecting your Passions and Skills. The complete report also contains valuable insights to develop your talents every day and improve your “personal branding”, the narrative of yourself.