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I am leading an interactive workshop. How can I use the card game?

Prepare the game

  • Divide your audience into small groups of 4 people each (Team).
  • You will need 1 deck every 8 persons! When you prepare the cards make sure there are 20 different cards per team (5 of each Driver), and prepare all the individual stacks beforehand
  • Make sure team members are sitting close to each other in a way they can easily speak, but that each team is not too close to the next team
  • The game is divided into 3 phases:
    – Ranking
    – Trading
    – Talent discovery
    Each phase has an indication of time

Distribute the cards

  • First, explain to your audience the purpose of the game (“ending up with 5 cards that represent you most”, do not reveal the meaning of the symbols on the back of the cards, do not mention the word “Drivers”)
  • Give to each team member 5 cards (1 card for each “sign on the back” + 1 random card).

Ranking phase

  • Ask team members to read their cards and give them 2 minutes to have them sort the cards in decreasing order of representativeness.
  • Make sure all teams are ready together for the next step

Trading  cards within the team

  • Now ask each team member to select the 2 cards that represent them less and give them 5 minutes to trade them  with the other team members.
  • Ask the team member to sort the cards again.

Now invite all the players to leave their teams and make a tour around the room to make as many trades as possible with members of the audience to until they get the best deck of 5 cards possible (5 to 10 minutes depending on the number of people).

Talent discovery

  • Ask each team member to choose the best 3 cards that represent them most (out of the 5 cards).
  • Ask team members to turn the cards and check the symbols on the 3 selected cards.
  • Explain the meaning of each of the four drivers and the different profiles that might result. Some people with one or two very clear drivers…some more balanced…some with one driver totally missing…etc.

You can stop the icebreaker/workshop here or you can do some nice add-ons which will depend the understanding of the drivers and their impact by your audience.

Deepdive into the drivers and their contribution to teamwork

Prepare the interactive game:

  • Create 4 empty areas (for example in the 4 corners of the room)
  • Name each area with an Element name: FIRE; WATER; EARTH; AIR (use placemats with our symbols)
  • Invite each team members to move to the Element group based on the most dominant element of the 3 selected cards (if there is no dominant element in the 3 top cards, look at the overall deck to identify the most represented element of choice  2/5). For example, team members with 2 Fire cards and 1 water will move to the FIRE group, etc.

Move team members (1 minute)

Driver deepdive discussion

  • Now invite each element team (fire, water,…) to prepare a short (max 3 minutes) presentation about how their driver can contribute to teamwork (10 minutes)
  • Provide each team with a flipchart to write their findings

Team showcase presentation of each Driver

  • Ask each team to present their presentation to other teams (max 12 minutes in total
  • Discuss with the audience their learnings and findings (5 minutes)

If you want to find out other fun and impacting ways to play this game: contact us!