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I am a coach. How can I use the cards during my coaching sessions?

Prepare the game

  • The coach is the dealer (The person who will read the rules and apply them).
  • The dealer takes the deck, removes the 2 cards with the instructions and shuffles the cards.

Round 1: your first 4 cards + 1

  • The coach explains the goal  of the game: ending up with 5 Talent cards that represent your natural talents, those that the player feels belong to him/her
  • The dealer distributes 4 cards browsing the deck: 1 for each Driver (the symbol on the back of the card)  and asks the player to align them in front of him/herself with the face with the pictures up.
  • The dealer will take 8 cards from the deck, place them face up on the table and will ask the player to select the fifth card.

Round 2: change 2 cards

  • The dealer asks the player to select two (2) cards that don’t represent him/her, or represent him/her less than other cards and discard them.
  • The dealer adds 8 cards to the center of the table.
  • The dealer asks the player to select 2 cards from the table. In a coaching session, at this stage, the coach would ask questions about the reasons for discarding those 2 cards and choosing the new ones. Also asking for specific examples that come to mind to the player.

Round 3: to change or not to change

  • The dealer explains that the player has another possibility to improve his/her deck and invites the player to select from 0 to 2 cards that represent him/her less than other cards, and discard them. To help the player in this choice, the coach can suggest he/she ranks them in decreasing order of representativeness
  • The dealer adds 8 new cards to the center of the table and asks the player to select from 0 to 2 cards (based on how many cards she/he discarded).
  • As above, the coach will ask questions around the card selection of the player to help him/her think about practical examples of his/her natural talent.

Round 4:

  • Now the dealer asks the player to sort the 5 cards (from left to right) in order of the importance and select the 3 out of the 5 cards that feel most representative.
  • The player now is invited to explain why she/he chose his/her cards, with possibly real-life examples.
  • The dealer will invite the player to turn the 3 cards and see their drivers.
  • With a coach, it is very useful also to see the drivers of the 2 less representative cards since they might give additional information about the possible Driver profile of the player (first AND second driver for example, or which driver seems to be totally missing  – thus the 4th driver).

If you are a coach and want to find out other impacting ways to use the cards, for example for gathering feedback and more: contact us!

Round 5: Read results

Now the dealer is ready to read results to anyone: open the result page