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Can you explain the outcome of your Drivers?

Short introduction after playing the game:

Congratulations! You finished the game.

We hope the outcome will induce you to start your very personal Talent Discovery journey.
Your natural talents spring from deep within.
This is why we suggest you start this journey by understanding the drivers of your talent.

Every person uses all four drivers in different situations and circumstances, but most of us tend to have 1 or 2 preferred drivers.

If you have 2 or more cards of 1 element in your Top 3, this might be an indication that this is your “dominant” driver.
This might be a matter of “luck” due to the nature of the game or it could mean that you have an even distribution of drivers, which is possible.
Some people tend to have one preferred talent driver, others have more than one.

If you have 3 different cards, you might want to look at the other 2 you ranked lower, maybe they are the same and give you a further clue about your preferred driver(s)?  Also check if there is one element totally missing from your deck, this could be the driver you have less developed…also interesting to know.


If 2 out of 3 cards are Air:

You like to be an independent spirit, who enjoys analysing things and looking at the big picture. You are good at coming up with new and creative solutions. You take your time to figure things out and therefore don’t appreciate time pressure. Exercise yourself in setting some clear deadlines to focus!


If 2 out of 3 cards are Earth:

You like to be well organised and enjoy getting things done. You are good at structuring things and can be very precise. You will do everything to deliver your work as promised and expect others to be as reliable as you. Some more flexibility occasionally will help you to be even more effective!


If 2 out of 3 cards are Fire:

You like to be devoted to reaching your goals and you get energy from being challenged. You enjoy fast pace and a bit of competition. You look for all the ways to reach your goals and try to influence others for this. Sometimes you might want to slow down and listen, to check if everybody is on board!


If 2 out of 3 cards are Water:

You like to be a social person with a strong team spirit and enjoy being around people. You are good at listening to others and showing empathy. You adapt easily when you are in a group and have a need for harmony. It might help you and the team, to stand out some more for your own opinions and needs!

To find out more about your talent you can choose to do our talent questionnaire on and/or play the game once more, also available in digital on our site. Good luck!